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Step 2 in the Journey of Greatness is "Self-Discovery". One of the ways that helped me find a lot about myself was doing something called Shadow Work. I call it Shadowboxing just because Boxing is my favorite sport and it sounds dope. The website has a good explanation for what Shadow Work is.

Shadow work involves exploring and integrating the unconscious aspects of oneself, such as repressed emotions, fears, and desires, to achieve personal growth and wholeness. We all have traits that we’re proud of, and traits that we don’t feel so confident about. Some of these traits may trigger or embarrass us, so we hide them from public view. These parts make up your shadow self, and it longs to be heard. However, it’s not always easy to come to terms with our shadow selves. Many people tend to repress those hidden parts of themselves to avoid having to confront that darker side. Even though the shadow still exists, it gets pushed back and forgotten. But repressing your inner shadow can have dangerous consequences. Most often, the shadow manifests as our triggers — emotional reactions that we haven’t fully dealt with, but bubble up to the surface under the right (wrong) circumstances. It takes training, self-awareness, guidance, and courage to help you face your shadow self in a healthy way. This is exactly why shadow work exists. Shadow work is designed to help you integrate and accept every single part of yourself so that you can live and thrive with more clarity and authenticity


Effects of Ignoring our Shadow

When you ignore it, your shadow will find ways to make you aware that it exists. This can lead to issues like:

* Struggling to have healthy relationships
* Unchecked ego
* Poor self-esteem
* Anxiety & Depression
* Self-sabotage

 * Being deceitful

& more


Shadow Work Journal Prompts

To help us find our shadow, it is recommended we do journal exercises and answer specific questions. Take your time and prepare to feel uncomfortable. The website has good Shadow Work Prompts. I provided some for you here


* What are the values you were brought up with?

* What do you wish your friends and family knew about you?

* What’s something you’re often embarrassed to admit to others?

* What are the things you wish you were better at?

* What kind of people do you attract around you?

* If you could share a secret about yourself with the world and remain anonymous, what would you share?

* What kind of things about yourself make you feel “less than” others?

* What is something people often get wrong about you at work?

* What do you wish people knew about you at work?

* What would you do differently if you could start your career over again?

* What expectations feel hard to live up to at work?

* If you were to question your beliefs, what do you fear others might think about you?

* If you have an inner voice, what does it sound like? Is it kind? Critical? Loving? What does it say about you?

* What or who has the most influence on your life? Are you OK with this influence?

* What makes you feel valued? 

* What does it feel like when someone oversteps your boundaries? What do you do?

* How do you wish others would show up for you?

* What makes you feel alone? 

* What triggers bring out the worst in you? Why? 

* When you put on a mask to show others a specific version of yourself, what part of you are you trying to hide?

* What core memory from your childhood makes you angry?

* What core memory from your childhood makes you feel shame?

* What were you most insecure about growing up?

* What was your biggest fear growing up?

* What’s something you rarely talk about that happened to you as a child?

* Name a time when you felt rejected. What happened? 

* When was the last time you felt jealous? What did you fear might happen? Why?

* What is one thing you hope your partner never finds out about you? What might happen if they knew?

* What’s something you always wished you could do but haven’t done because you’re afraid?

* How do you self-sabotage the things you want in life?

* If you fully accepted yourself for who you are, what kinds of things could you stop doing today?

* What have you done that makes you feel most like a failure?

* What do you think others would think if the one thing you feel most shameful about were shared in every ad on YouTube?

* Who in your life takes up the most emotional energy? Why do you think that is?

* What habits do you feel guilty or shameful about? Why?

* How do you respond when someone is angry with you? What does their anger say about you?

* What makes you feel unworthy of love and belonging? Where does this come from?

* If you could write a letter to the person(s) who hurt you the most, what would you say?

* Do you trust yourself? Why or why not?