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Greatness Checklist

Journey of Greatness: Greatness Checklist
Once we begin our Journey of Greatness, there is a way to keep track of our health. When I say health I mean health in mind, body, and soul. This checklist is inspired by "The 8 Dimensions of Wellness" which was recommended to me by OCD therapist. The 8 Dimensions of Wellness is a method for tracking our wellness, aka our health, and is broken down into 8 sections. I myself needed more than 8 sections and created the "15 Dimensions of Wellness". If we have regular check-ins with our selves, we can measure the sections of our lives we are either succeeding in or need to work on. For each section, I provided questions we can ask ourselves so we know what we are tracking. Quick tip: don't strive for perfection.
- Am I alive?
- Can I recognize my emotions?
Can I sit with my emotions?
Can I express my emotional needs to my loved ones?
Do I have a safe space?
Do I take care of my safe space?
Am I learning something new everyday?
Am I gaining knowledge?
Do I need to study for something?
Am I consuming healthy drinks & food?
Am I getting enough exercise?
Do I need to go see a doctor?
How is my hygiene?
Am I resting enough?
What am I spending money on?
Can I keep track of my spending?
Am I saving money?
Am I getting enough income to provide for my basic needs?
Are my social circles healthy or toxic?
Am I a good friend?
What am I doing to keep my soul healthy?
Occupational (Position)
Do I have a fulfilling job?
Is my job providing me with what I currently need?
Do I know my Power?
Am I practicing my Power everyday, either at my Position or in my free time?
Is my family healthy?
How connected am I to my family?
Are my pets taken care of?
What is a family?
Content Creation
Am I posting healthy content on the internet?
Content Consumption
Am I consuming healthy content on the internet?
Am I being honest?
Am I listening before I talk?
Am I oversharing?
Am I thinking positive?
Do I have healthy thoughts?
Is my self-talk healthy?