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The Poison

Posted by Omar Mendez on


The device I have in my hand should be for emergencies only

From prepaid phones to iPhones

From Myspace to Facebook

From Instagram to Tiktok

This is poison

The YikYaks

The Snapchats

The Discords

The Twitters

The Youtube

The music

The games

The porn

The Scam Likely calls

The texts

The DMs

The WebMD health checks

The Amazon purchases

The memes

The pictures & videos

The missed phone calls from job opportunities

The dating apps with no success

The Reddit surfing

The calorie tracking that never works

The Ubers & Lyfts

The therapy

The Zoom calls

The constant checking

The messages from your favorite person

It's poison

I drank from the bottle at 18

10 years later I'm addicted