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Posted by Omar Mendez on

It happens when you least expect it

Sometimes it's your type

But then here comes someone who is not

Both are real

Butterflies getting rowdy

Thoughts wondering into the future every hour

Anxiety every time you see them

More than a crush

Personality and body

Mind and soul

Cute face with a million dollar smile

When you talk to them, time stops

You become invisible to the world and the world becomes invisible to you

Is she the one?

In a culture of one and dones, how is this possible?

Sex is the last thing on your mind

Walks and talks matter most

There's space to create but also space to communicate

Healthy boundaries go a long way

Between yourself and them

Independence is harmony

Trust breeds bond

This aint no 50/50, it's 100/100

But there's days it's 80/20 or even 90/10

Beyond marriage, it's a match made in the divine

It's not the toxic environment promoted by society

After you find yourself and heal your inner child

After you work on yourself and discover your shadow to become one with it

After your red flags become a thing of the past

After you heal

That's where you will find true love

But the most important thing to remember, you'll never love someone as much as you love yourself

The real you knows how to love

after you learn how to love yourself

Love is not evol