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Tracking my Dreams

Posted by Omar Mendez on

Journal Entry - 6/7/2024

Foo have you ever kept track of your dreams. Recently, I have been keeping a log of all my dreams. My dreams feel real ass fuck. I see and go through all kinds of things. I see people from my past and people I’ve never met. I know this gonna sound weird but sometimes I see parts of the future.

Trip out on this one. I had a dream that I was talking to one of my mentors at work but she was blowing her nose for like 5 minutes straight. I felt awkward because I couldn’t get a word out. Foo check it out. Now I’m awake and we have a training and one of the questions they ask us is, “What is something you can’t tell just by looking at me” or something like that. Dawg my mentor said that she doesn’t know how to blow her nose. Foo I was trippin, laughing cuz I had just had that dream. 

It also takes me back to when I was in college, I used to have a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out. I looked it up at one point and it meant all kinds of shit. But the one that stuck with me was that it was symbolic for my life being out of control. My life was out of control. My drinking, substance use, poor diet, not giving a fuck about anything but partying. These dreams would happen repeatedly. I never said shit to nobody and I just kept ignoring them. I guess they just stopped once I found a lil stability my senior year. They came back up in 2018 when I was out of control again but they stopped after I got my shit together a lil bit. 

Another repeated dream that I used to have is me being at places naked. I know that shit sounds humor but they were fuckn scary maaa boiii. I’m talking bout they would happen since I was a kid, like since middle school. I would wake up panix to the max dawg. I looked it up and the message that stuck with me was that I was afraid of being exposed. Sure enough, I was. Exposed for everything that I said I wasn’t. Ever since I started on my journey of greatness and looked inside, they stopped happening. 

The craziest one I had recently was intense. I was like in a zombie video game walking upstairs in a house. I don’t know how I got there but that shit was weird. There was a door that said, “Your soulmate is on the other side” and I tried opening the door knob all anxious. Just before the door was gonna open, foo these 3 zombies jumped me. Maaa boiii I woke the fuck up ready to swing. I was trippin. 

Track your dreams, there’s messages for you in them, trust.