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The All Black Attire

Posted by Omar Mendez on

Journal Entry - 6/6/2024

Foo when was the last time you seen me wear anything but black clothes. That’s my uniform. I have been wearing a uniform since I was a little kid. In elementary school, while it wasn’t mandatory, the school recommended parents to dress their kids in a white polo and navy blue bottoms. I knew it wasn’t mandatory but I had no choice. Plus it was cheaper for my parents to buy a pair of the same shirt and pants / shorts. In middle school, the uniform was mandatory and again it was a white polo and navy blue bottoms. High school was not any different. So when I went off to college, it was weird for me to wear anything but a uniform. I wasn’t wearing polos but you would never see me without a ProClub unless it was a party night. Shit sometimes I would wear a ProClub to parties, I didn’t give a fuck. Same with the bottoms, Dickies or basketball shorts everyday. When I came back to LA and started working in the afterschool programs, they always had uniforms. Now, I finally have the chance to wear what I want to work but here I am, wearing black hoodies and black shorts.

Maybe it goes back to when I was a kid and to the values my parents taught me. As long as we got clothes, a home, food, water, and ourselves, nothing else matters. I have the same perspective when it comes to shoes. As long as I got something, I’m okay with it. Yeah sure I got a lil feria to rock some AirMax 90s but I have been buying the same all black 90s for 4 years already. Same with my clothes. Black shirts / hoodies and black shorts / pants. Plus I don’t have to worry about my outfit everyday. 

Or maybe it goes back to being a big kid. As I got older and bigger, my options got smaller. I guess it is the reason why I got stuck to wearing black because they say black makes you look skinnier. Low self-esteem maaa boiii. But even besides that, it’s easy to buy ProClubs because I know I won’t struggle to find them. 

I also have to take into consideration the barrio life in this. I never joined the hood but since I was around it so much, I was influenced by it. Black, gray, white, khaki, and navy blue. I still struggle to wear other colors. I don’t bang so there should be no reason why I should think like that. I laugh at it as I type it. If you’re from here you would understand. The barrio and color politics of the streets and state. It’s not my business to talk about but it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention how much of an influence the streets play in my decisions when buying clothes. 

I’m slowly starting to move away from always wearing black. Like now, I wear a little bit of green. I know it’s because that’s the color of the organization I work for but it looks dope. I’m starting to get less anxiety when wearing different colors. It was easier when I had uniforms because I had no choice. I have nobody telling me to wear a uniform now so I’m battling myself and my thoughts. I have to wear all black because I want to not because I have to.