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Relaxing without Guilt

Posted by Omar Mendez on

Journal Entry - 6/8/24

Foo one thing I’m learning to do is to relax during the day. I get idea after idea, download after download, energy wave after energy wave. Sometimes I wake up just on full blast ready to go and put in work for my brand. I’m learning how to take a step back and breathe. I haven’t been able to include meditation and journaling into my daily routine how I want to. Excuses, I know, but it’s the reality. I am going to be waking up, drinking water, and doing my morning meditation like how I was doing last year. My routine last year was:

*Wake up
*Drink water
*Listen to binaural beats & do a jigsaw puzzle
*Journal some more

I also have to be content in not doing anything. I’m finding pockets of time in my day to decompress and play some video games. This “decompression time” is without guilt. I used to feel guilty when I would decompress and look at it like I was wasting time. I find time to watch movies or Call of Duty League matches, which is something I took up watching in the past year. I can’t always be in hustle mode. That is how I burn out. In the past, I would fall victim to the “hustlers mentality” and I would feel anxious when I wasn’t working on something. 

I have to give myself time to “leave” the world for a bit and connect with Source. I started going on my night walks again and talking to myself. I find moments throughout the day to talk to myself. I have also been okay with sleeping more. I wanted to be like KOBE so bad and do the 4 hour sleep schedule so I would have more time to work throughout the day. I would get so much shit done but I would be a zombie. I would be so high off caffeine it wasn’t even funny. I don’t feel guilty if I take a nap or sleep early and not get any work done. Sleep is health and health is wealth.