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Losing to Gain

Posted by Omar Mendez on

Journal Entry - 6/4/2024

Foo straight up, I'm not one to be all about Horoscopes on some Walter Mercado shit but recently, I have been sharing messages with my co-workers just to see wassup. Maaa boiii let me tell you about today thoe. Earlier today I was talking to one of my co-workers about my shroom trip back in 2022. I told her that I had seen a vision where I was alone but I was happy. I "lost" people and weight (symbolically & literally). As soon as I said that shit, something fell and my co-worker said "Yo that's confirmation right there". Fast forward a couple hours later and I'm reading the Santa Monica Daily Press Horoscope section and sure enough that was the message for Capricorns. It said:

"There is an adjustment to be made, and likely, it’s a subtraction. Can you guess what you might need to lose along the path of desire? Try seeing it as a trade instead of a loss — the cost, the entry fee"

Foo I was like get the fuck outta here with that shit dawg. But to be honest, I have been going through a change since last year. I fortunately have reconnected with a lot of people that I pushed away when I was trying to figure life out and living on some rowdy shit. My boy ANHEL is one of those foos that I have always looked up to and we began chopping it up about spirituality recently. In high school, I saw him as one of my Hip-Hop teachers. Now, he's like my Spiritual teacher. ANHEL's been a guide and one of the few people I can go to and talk about this change I'm going through. ANHEL has been telling me similar things like about practicing forgiveness and letting go. I listened to his podcast, The Realized Self, and gained so much knowledge. The last episode I tuned into, the book "The Master Cleanser" by Stanley Burroughs was mentioned. I bought the book and the author provides the reader with a diet that I myself will try in the next couple of weeks. I look at it as a major change because this is me taking my weight loss journey to the next level.

Even besides the whole physical health knowledge I gained from ANHEL, he's talked to me about why as my frequency changes, I won't be able to hang around certain people anymore. I have become more "quiet" in the past year. I used to be active like a muthafucka on social media. Now I only have Instagram and Youtube. I used to be the life of the party which is why my nickname was Othree The Rowdy One / Big Rowdy. I don't hang around like I used to anymore and certain activities like drinking and smoking don't resonate with the current me. I tried to do the whole "Lone Wolf" shit but it doesn't work. We all have soul families and I'm starting to find mine.

Now back to the original point about Horoscope messages. I get it. I used to clown on all that shit at one point in my life. I don't go by it 100% but it never fails to fit my current situations. Obviously I didn't need to read a Horoscope message to confirm what I already know but if you're like me, sometimes we need direct messages cuz I be tired of subliminals and breadcrumbs. I love the journey thoe.