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Feeling Motivated

Posted by Omar Mendez on

Journal Entry - 6/3/2024

Foo I feel so motivated right now. Something happened the past two weeks where like I'm finally getting over the whole "sadness" I carried over from 2023. I'm up. It's Monday. I'm active. That foo Carl Low's album just dropped. I got a verse on it. I updated my website this past weekend. Shit is clicking right now dawg. The journey is on the way up. I started reading "The Power of Now" and even if it was just the introduction, I'm shook. My dreams are still vivid ass fuck. I'm putting in work for my jale because summer is coming up. Talked to Dvtch on the phone and we gotta lock in to finish this Spanish track we got in the chamber.

I used to feel like I was running out of time. The past two weeks I've put in more work for my brand than all of the past year combined. I'm talking to Source more because I do feel like ever since I started my jale I kind of stopped doing a lot of that introspective work. I'm back on it though. Mind, body, and soul. The journey of greatness