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TOXS1K ft. Othree - Asesinos (Verse)

Posted by Omar Mendez on



  • As I walk through the door with a HighLife on my hand
  • Demons in this world can’t trust yo mans
  • Are you a fan do you see us at the top 
  • Or are you praying for our downfall you waiting for the flop
  • Homie stop I got this toxic spit ready
  • All these books got my mind sharper than machetes
  • Pens moving to spread the movement of this hooligan
  • I can count the homies that I’m moving with
  • Louder than a sonic boom without the autotune
  • What you gonna do when me and TOX take the room
  • Real homies play my bangers fake ones always hate
  • I’ll never pour one out for you no tears next to yo name
  • If you with us dawg then it’s gotta be foreva
  • This is never ending and you can’t be a leva
  • Devils in disguise gotta pay the price
  • Padre nuestro for yo last goodbye