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Othree - You'll Still

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • The game never saw me comin
  • They said Othree you missin somethin yo name name is not the discussion
  • Now shit is changing but I’m not trynna be famous
  • Just trynna move out the hood fuck bein around the A-list
  • Why do it for the glamour and glitz
  • When you can make your own money and still stay at the Ritz
  • You can make your own line you can ball on kicks
  • You’ll still get the digits and you’ll still gon hit
  • And what you do it for don’t forget about yo soul
  • Do you do it for the love or you do it for all the hoes
  • Foo this is for my zip code and my family
  • Talk about the ups and downs the joy and the tragedy
  • Writing books use my story as a voice
  • You can use it in the hood or in college you got a choice
  • You’ll still gon be living the life of luxury
  • But it’ll be on my own terms you’ll see


  • Cuz it feels so amazin
  • In this world you gotta take it
  • This is real you can’t fake this
  • And we still gonna make it

Verse 2:

  • And yee you’ll still get the love
  • Or you bout the follows and likes leavin bitches sprung
  • You’ll still get harassed by the man in blue
  • It’s us against the suits
  • You’ll still leave a legacy your haters still feel jealousy
  • Most people won't be in your corner all they wants the recipe
  • You’ll still get the interviews and the photoshoots
  • Camera lights on they takin pictures of you
  • You’ll still whip the foreign without countin coins
  • Have an assistant to roll yo blunts and joints
  • You’ll still travel with the 1st class ticket
  • Don’t give up if you’re hearing crickets
  • Work hard play hard you know the formula
  • Ain’t nobody gonna do it for ya
  • You’ll still be the man just live up to it
  • All you gotta do is commit