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Othree - Wit It

Posted by Omar Mendez on



  • If you’re wit it and committed you about that
  • If you slackin and you hidden then go out back

Verse 1:

  • Dawg my words ain't the same cuz my life has changed
  • How you think I’m livin homie go and pass the strain
  • Faded and I’m sippin trynna keep my pain contained
  • And you’ll never figure me out even when I decay
  • These hits that I’m takin these hits that I’m makin 
  • All these people trynna help and my heart remains vacant
  • Hustle and my name always gonna stay adjacent
  • Always posted up but don’t ever test my patience
  • Hungry can’t you tell I’m never scared to fail
  • They say sell your soul but I rather go to jail
  • Bars are so nasty I make the room smell
  • Just call me Mr. Nice Guy like I’m Dave Chappelle
  • Hard hittin when I’m spittin you’ll never see me trippin
  • Don’t ever criticize the way that I’m livin
  • I know what I’m doing it’s just me being vivid
  • You can call it a comeback I just rearranged my image

Verse 2:

  • You know I’m crazy boiii I don’t need an explanation
  • Retired for a bit cuz I lost the combination
  • A couple freestyles in and I gave into temptation
  • I’m back in it dawg Othree the rappin sensation
  • Open up your mind our generation is declinin
  • Stereotypes are real so don’t wonder why I’m fightin
  • I’ll enter with a BANG in every section I’ll arrive in
  • I will never riot cuz my thoughts are just as violent
  • Latino representin the juras still suspectin
  • I bust a flow homie both my worlds are not connectin
  • Imma keep it pushin even if no one accepts me
  • I’m only doing me I don’t care what you’re expectin
  • Don’t you get the clue that success the only mission
  • An independent rapper man I rap with no conditions
  • I’m out there when it’s active just remember my description
  • You can see it in my eyes I’m at the highest position