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Othree - Vernon Station

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • As I’m hoppin off the Metro some foo wanna step
  • Trynna see where I’m from trynna see what I rep
  • 24 years of my life in the same neighborhood
  • But it’s about how I look not the route that I took
  • Converse with the crook can’t just pull out my books
  • Hit him with some knowledge he’s the one that left shook
  • Used to quiver in fear that’s before I drank beer
  • Been a minute since then let me just make that clear
  • 40s and blunts used to leave me a wreck
  • From the station to my house with no money left
  • Had my Momma all worried always sendin out prayers
  • Cuz that walk from LB always gotta beware
  • Stumblin and mumblin still underage
  • Took all of my power to avoid the cage
  • Tried to buy more brew but didn’t have an ID
  • And I think I dropped my wallet on Honduras St.

Verse 2:

  • Another day another story on the Metro dawg
  • Some foo trynna push but I won’t move I’m a rock
  • A rock like The Thing I’m the next best thing
  • On the way to the top but I’m not trynna be king
  • With Cobain in my ears also EPMD
  • Got the digits from the girl that was right next to me
  • Lara’s Tow in the corner Johnson’s Liquor Store
  • Got the Alameda Swapmeet you should already know
  • Tonz scooped me up it’s about to get real
  • Cruise in the Impala it’s the foos you feel
  • With the funk in the trunk let the stereo bump
  • It’s The Gap Band cuz we don’t listen to chumps
  • Times on the Metro I always recall
  • But there’s some that I don’t cuz I drink alcohol
  • Vernon Station for life till the day that I rest
  • And if you ain’t from here you gots to past the test