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Othree - The Rowdy One

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • It’s the South Los rapper another beat slapper
  • I’m taking out your crew and everyone that follows after
  • No explanation to my rhythm it’s disaster
  • I’m flippin rhyme books lets begin another chapter
  • Come and find me in the shadows in the back
  • Got the answer to your question why you think I’m wearing black
  • All this chatter in my ear I sharpen up my blade
  • Boutta cut the grass and I’m aiming for the snakes
  • It’s the O to the H and we ending it with 3
  • I’m far up in the sky like I’m on promethazine
  • Double trouble triple double my vocals cause a rumble
  • Trynna leave my mark in the concrete jungles
  • Style is the same since I was 16
  • I’m still not cursing but my presence is obscene
  • Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy boom there goes the timer
  • Now I’m transforming into Rowdy Roddy Piper


  • It’s the Rowdy One
  • It’s the Rowdy One
  • It’s the Rowdy it’s it’s the Rowdy One

Verse 2:

  • Stop jumping with emotion I just took your girl
  • She’s now my best friend and we’re traveling the world
  • Sneaky little disses the rocket’s at liftoff
  • I’m telling you right here I’m the wrong foo to piss off
  • Aint claiming to be great Ima let my actions talk
  • It’s me my music my fam and my dogs
  • Sippin with the fellas a drunk little cypher
  • All these beats are gasoline so call me the igniter
  • The ghettobird patrolling I give them the bird
  • Makes us live in misery makes you wonder who they serve
  • Don’t mistake me for a clown if you’re the one that wears the suit
  • Your feet fit the shoes that’s one thing you can’t dispute
  • From the banging in the streets the chugging down at Oh
  • The kush from LA blunts bongs and bowls
  • Getting rowdy when I wanna and I wanna right now
  • Throw your 3s in the air if you’re feeling my sound