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Othree - Scorpion Death Drop

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • Call me crazy but I enjoy the loneliness
  • Guess this how my story is confusin all historians
  • Sting in 97 im hiding chillin with scorpions
  • When I drop I got yo heart pumpin like an accordion
  • More or less I’m like the unknown in the forest
  • Rumble in the Jungle like Ali did Foreman
  • Forming into the star that people bet against
  • Now I’m dunkin on you bitches like I’m fuckin Shawn Kemp
  • Fuck it I’m not going anywhere soon
  • Seen the bottom of the barrel and the silver spoon
  • Infiltration of the century comin from a bean
  • Laid the seed of a tree that the world has never seen
  • A disgusting human being but got you stuck on the screen
  • My words be like the Universal Pull on speed
  • And I’m the dose that be evading all the fiends
  • Foo I’m the one that be shattering all your dreams


  • Yeah we hiding from the sunshine
  • But we live in the nighttime

Verse 2:

  • This like the Uchiha in the hidden leaf
  • IQ like Itachi makes your jutsu look
  • And fuck Hulk Hogan foo is scared of me
  • Scorpion Death Drop it’s 1 2 3
  • Or I put you on the Deathlock and you tap out
  • Fuck you up with my bat then I head out
  • And fuck a handout we get rich off of penstrokes
  • We vigilantes like the Arrow
  • I got boulders I’m older and I’m colder
  • King of the Ring going after Bill Goldberg
  • The all black gear even my Air Max 90s
  • Not even trying you in fear why you hidin
  • One time trynna put us in the database
  • They don’t got a case and that shits gonna stay that way
  • This a cave without a lamp a basehead without track
  • A race without track a mechanic without a jack