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Othree - Red Eye Convo

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • Cmon Cmon I just wanna chat 
  • Here’s my digits if you’re with that
  • Be the subject to my love rap
  • Let me bring you to the kickback
  • Spotted you the moment that I walked into the party
  • Seen you in the dance floor the way you moved your body
  • Let you do your thang while I was out back with my posse
  • Makin sure my eyes were red and glossy
  • So can I put a name to your lovely face
  • Yo smile got some real estate inside my headspace
  • No disrespect but do you meditate with herb
  • Reach a state of mind with the bees and the birds
  • We can go feel the sensation deep in your lungs
  • We can go get lost and have fun
  • Or you can tell me just forget about it
  • I wanna be a gentleman about it
  • I know we just met
  • Be the decision that you’ll never regret
  • Baby I will be about it
  • Lets get faded and just talk about it
Verse 2:
  • With my eyes red I’ll be your outlet
  • Let it all out when you’re feelin surrounded
  • By all your problems and stress
  • Rub my fingers up and down your back when you wanna feel caressed
  • Hope you paint this picture with my words inside the palette
  • Yo hablo Español if you prefer to speak Spanish
  • I know you gotta go back to your girls
  • If you wanna take it slow you could at least be my homegirl
  • Before you go leave let me be real with it
  • Here’s a gift with THC in it
  • Don’t eat too much or you will hate me
  • Don’t wanna lose the opportunity for you to be my lady
  • I know yo homegirls won’t approve
  • Here’s my middle fingers up for them cuz I got nothin to prove
  • Here’s goodbye for right now
  • Feel the vibes connectin when connectin our mouths