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Othree - My Fresh 90s

Posted by Omar Mendez on



  • Got my ridas with me
  • Got my 90s on me
  • Look momma I’m fresh now 

Verse 1:

  • Stepping out the door with some fresh 90s
  • The all whites, the drips nice, yeah I’m icy
  • But I don’t wear ice still a foo that looks fly
  • Got my button down on let’s get lost in the night
  • Call up the crew trynna see what we do
  • If I see you with yo homegirls baby I just want you
  • Catch these LA babies having a good time
  • If you fuck with Corralejo girl bang my line
  • Got some Petro in the dutches the homies sip Henny
  • All it takes is one look to throw these girls into a frenzy
  • They find out I’m a rapper they wanna befriend me
  • Hood ass foos getting girls that wear Fendi
  • Fuck bottle service we drinking in parking lots
  • With the LA breeze as we taking a shot
  • Rolling through the scene watch me as I shine
  • See us in yo city cuz we going worldwide

Verse 2:

  • Cruising down Broadway with Tonz in the Bel Air
  • Group of girls walking want the one with Brunette hair
  • Feel like the city is mine, finer than wine
  • Foo you won’t understand it if you look from the outside
  • 90s on point white Casio on my wrist
  • Fresh white socks, my cologne got me a Miss
  • This a 1 way ticket on the Othree Express
  • If you hopping on board, let me rest on yo chest
  • We like em heavy we like em short
  • We like em old or if they got child support
  • Bright lights all around its the city of big dreams
  • Yeah I’m living mine check them faces of envy
  • Ain’t have the freshest kicks, now you can find me
  • Rocking my 90s picking up on a dime piece
  • You need a foo in yo life
  • Let me be that when you come to the Eastside