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Othree - Delos & Rowdylifes

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • This that alcoholic music I rather just rap about
  • Instead of talking to someone cuz what the fuck they writing down
  • Genetically I got these ties this bond it has to die
  • Im medically across the line but in my culture this shit flies
  • Fulfilled by the Delos and the Rowdylifes
  • Type to buy a case finish it and then multiply
  • Supposed to bring us from the gutter now I drink and stutter
  • Im the biggest blunder now my momma wonders why I’m getting dumber
  • Buying cases cuz I’m seeing faces Im trynna forget
  • Yet I don’t regret after consequences met
  • It aint a burden or a debt gotta let it be
  • Burning bridges with these bitches now Im breathing the debris
  • Put myself in this spot but this brew helps me
  • Chugging 1 chugging 3 chugging packs endlessly
  • Crack the next one Im boutta write my best one
  • But ill pass out before the session


  • We drinking Delos & the Rowdylifes
  • We do it once we do it twice we do it all the time

Verse 2:

  • So Ima drink this fukn 40 I’ll start having thoughts
  • Hit up Drone we hit the spot pisto flows avoiding cops
  • And with no trace of a clock demons grin its fuck my job
  • Morals leave I am unlocked drink for needs I need a lot
  • If theres a breeze if that shits hot think it helps but it does not
  • Ima do me Ima rot this a sign of something major
  • Don’t need a savior I got problems Im the maker
  • Since Kobe ran the Lakers since I was writing papers
  • Shit went from social and now I am an enabler
  • Foos staying broke cuz sippin is essential
  • Its not all happy stories most of this was confidential
  • Waking up without a trace of a memory
  • Apologize for my sincerity
  • Gotta let it rip so I don’t fall off the edge
  • Have a little hope for a sober stretch