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Othree - Center Stage

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • This place I call home will never be forgotten
  • No history is erased when my name is the topic
  • See ya need the bookworm streetsmart rapping fuck
  • Imma show you how to drop knowledge and have fun
  • Pen strokes during heat waves and cold phases
  • The steps I be taking the subject of observation
  • Take center stage from LA to Everglades
  • Foo I’m writing cold shit that will make you Cobain
  • Lights on mics gripped been waiting since 10th grade
  • Imma break the poverty cycle from cradle to the grave
  • Aint the typical my lifestyle’s original
  • When my story hits I’ll elevate to mythical
  • Underground or mainstream wherever I lay
  • Find me grinding for cheese since the minute I wake
  • How to live in a world where the jealous exist
  • Pocket checking gold watching ice inspecting my wrist


  • Wherever I go I bring my flow
  • Cuz it’s time that we make that dough
  • Wherever I rock it’s a fucking show
  • Give you a vibe you aint ever felt before

Verse 2:

  • Crowd’s hyped nobody left I’m like the main event
  • They said this style is dead but I’m here to reinvent
  • This aint about the lyrics or a change in appearance
  • It’s still Pro Clubs and whatever’s in clearance
  • I shouldve I couldve fuck whatever I wouldve
  • I’m here son so ya wouldn’t say I couldn’t
  • Curtains boutta open I’ll make the Earth tremble
  • Whenever my voice rides the beat it’s monumental
  • This banging back then right now and the future
  • It’s staying in rotation like a marijuana user
  • No chance to be a loser the microphone abuser
  • The midnight ruler I’m looking for a cougar
  • DJ ready to rock n roll
  • Suspended in time and I lose self control
  • Beat drops, and you know the result
  • Walking out the show with a female you know