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Othree - All the Time

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Full Song:

  • Yes I’m back with another grimy anthem
  • I rock it back and forth disappear I’m a phantom
  • If you looking for them bangers guarantee that I could slap em
  • Wanna slap yo face but I’ll take out yo potassium
  • Not the danger type but if you messin then I’m striking
  • You see me as the lightning and I won’t take it nicely
  • Precisely
  • I’m the hero vaporizer 
  • Drinking Budweiser and the bud got me wiser
  • With Shyster
  • With Drone and with Relm 
  • Twisted perspective we’re on a different realm
  • Overwhelm
  • Overwhelm you with my passion 
  • I know that Ima make it but don’t really need a mansion
  • Distractions
  • But my needs aint superficial 
  • All these friends in social media who the ones that really miss you
  • It’s official
  • If your time is at the threshold 
  • Doesn’t really mean that yo life was unsuccessful
  • It’s all mental
  • It’s the Ozone Layer bastard 
  • From the ghetto region underground manufactured
  • I’m a hazard
  • And a menace to society 
  • OWU representin and the feds they got they eye on me
  • It’s nightly
  • All my visions are created 
  • You know that I’m not stoppin till I’m mentioned in your favorites
  • Medicated
  • It’s like I’m followed by fiasco
  • I like to buy a Swisher and remove all the tobacco