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Eastside Don ft. Othree - Bag Chaser Remix (Verse)

Posted by Omar Mendez on


Verse 1:

  • Oh she know she bad got my eyes locked
  • But she look kinda sad like “you need help Ma?”
  • I can be the one you need the one you seek
  • Girl you look like the one in my fucking dreams
  • What got you down you can tell me everything
  • But right before it got real I noticed that wedding ring
  • Took a step back like “I don’t want no problems”
  • Seen her stand up, whisper “do you got a condom?”

Verse 2:

  • So I left but I ran into another one
  • Pulled aside started having little one on one
  • But all she wanted was a drink and a couple lines
  • Told her Stay Rowdy girl threw a fucking peace sign