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Roberto Delgado Collab

Posted by Omar Mendez on

Roberto Delgado Collab
Date - 2018
Foo one time my cousin Roberto hit me up and said he wanted to do a photoshoot with me. I had just came back from Ohio, the music was picking up steam, and I had a whole brand / record label now. My cousin Roberto was practicing photography at this time as well. Perfect time to reconnect and do work. These two pics, for me, are iconic. I have always used them on my socials and branding. At the time, it showed everything I was about:
*Rowdy Regime
*Starting to sell merch
*Drinking Miller High Life 40s
*Ear gauges
*South Central
*Looking tough
*Black and White
A picture does explain a lot. I was so happy after the photoshoot was over. I remember it felt so surreal because it was something on my checklist. I would always say, I just need 1 opportunity, and this happened to be one of those opportunities. This might've inspired me to purse a little bit of photography as well